Blood Test Results Explained?

When a person has a blood test taken, they can ask the doctor to explain the results for them. Once they are explained, they can still ask questions if they do not fully understand the results. Everyone is entitled to know the results of their blood test. Photo Credit: image Resource: how to explain blood Read More

Blood Test Results Mpv?

The MPV or Mean Platelet Volume Test measures the average size of platelets. Usually this test is done as a part of a CBC blood test. If the number is too low it may indicate a condition known as thrombocytopenia. Resource: how to interpret mpv blood test results? – #how_4928540_interpret-mpv-blood-test-results.html What is Mpv Blood Test? Read More

How to Interpret Blood Test Results?

When you have a blood test done, the results may give you information on neutrophils. Neutrophils are a kind of white blood cell. They run this test to evaluate many disorders. You need to discuss how to interpret these results with your doctor. Reference: Photo Credit: here Resource: How to Interpret Blood Test Results? Read More

Blisters on Side of Tongue?

Blisters on the side of the tongue can be caused by a number of reasons. Even stress might be the cause. Herpes could be another reason for them. It might also be a type of ulcer. Reference: Photo Credit: see images Resource: What Causes Blisters on the Tongue? – #Health/Diseases/what_causes_blisters_on_the_tongue What is a small Read More

B Positive Blood Type?

Understanding that you are a B positive blood type has a couple areas of significance. It helps you to know what kind of blood you can receive if you ever need a blood transfusion. You can receive O negative and O positive blood or B negative and B positive blood. In addition, you can actually Read More

Blood Chemistry Tests?

A blood test that checks your electrolyte levels, the minerals in your blood, glucose, creatinine levels, and checks to see if your organs are functioning properly. Reference: Photo Credit: Source 1 Resource: what is a blood chemistry test? – #about_5386952_blood-chemistry-test.html how to interpret a blood chemistry test? – #how_5653162_interpret-blood-chemistry-test.html how to interpret blood chemistry Read More

When You Have a Sore Throat and Cough?

Blood in the mucus can be coughed when you have a sore throat. This is caused mainly be irritation or inflammation of the tonsils. This can also be as a result of a minor tumor. Photo Credit: Link Resource: When you have a sore throat and cough, what’s the biological reason why blood is sometimes Read More

Bone Fragments after Tooth Extraction?

It is possible to find some bone fragments after tooth extraction. Do not try to remove them. The best solution is to go back the dentist and allow him to do it. Photo Credit: source Resource: what happens to bone chips after tooth extraction? – #info_8255059_happens-chips-after-tooth-extraction.html How do you get bone fragments out of your Read More

What Causes Blood Blisters?

There are many possible causes of blood blisters on gums. Some possible causes are gum infections, oral ulcers, food allergies, injuries and nutritional deficiencies. It is best to visit the doctor for proper treatment. Reference: Photo Credit: 1 Resource: What Causes Blood Blisters? – #Health/Diseases/what_causes_blood_blisters What is a Blood Blister? – #Health/Other/what_is_a_blood_blister What are Read More

Find Alternatives to Cure Abdominal Pain

If you look for a abdominal pain doctor to check on your pain, like most kind of pain can be very uncomfortable and it can significantly limit your mobility and quality of life. Without the right care this lower side pain can spread further down the back and even lead to sciatica and lower disc Read More