Konjac Root – Is it a SCAM or the Real Deal!?

It is no secret that the health care market is becoming increasingly populated by all types of vitamins and supplements that promise consumers elusive and enticing health benefits such as weight loss. But certain synthetic supplements have serious side effects, which has paved the way for all natural products to become even more popular. Konjac Root ,a plant derived appetite suppressant, is an excellent example of such a product.

So where does it come from? Konjac root is a source of fiber that originates from East Asia and is specifically extracted from the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. Konjac root contains a unique type of soluble fiber known as Glucomannan, which is the main ingredient of lipozene and is named as such because it is composed of both glucose and galactose. Glucomannan is particularly special because it is one of the most effective water absorbing fibers. Because of this, it has a very potent bulking effect in the digestive system which helps people feel full sooner, thus leading them to eat less. It is primarily for this reason that Konjac Root is such an effective weight loss supplement, but its’ benefits go beyond weight loss.

Soluble fibers like the Glucomannan found in Konjac Root are also able to prolong the transit time of food in the digestive system, which means that food items are digested more slowly, effectively and efficiently. This offers up a great benefit to those who seek assistance in regulating unstable blood sugar levels, which are caused by food being absorbed and released too quickly into the blood stream. Various clinical studies support the finding that Konjac Root has potential as a glycemic regulator, and also as an all natural laxative agent. Because of its excellent ability to absorb water, Konjac Fiber is effective at promoting the formation of large stools which can be passed more easily.

If this sounds like something you would like to try you will be happy to know that acquiring Konjac Root is relatively easy and can be done online for relatively cheap or even free shipping. Certain companies, like Nature’s Way, may also offer coupons or incentives when purchasing products such as Konjac Root, which usually comes in the form of caps or capsules, but can also be purchased as Konjac Flour. Although Konjac Root is relatively safe, there are some mild side effects associated with excessive over-use of the product. Because Konjac Root so effective at absorption and passing of food items, certain vitamins and minerals may also be carried out of your system. These side effects can be easily eliminated by reducing your dosage and by carefully following the instructions on the package, which will likely vary among different supplements and products.