Different Ways in Treating Tonsil Stones

There are several ways in treating tonsil stones. But before that, let us know something about what are tonsil stones and the symptoms produced by them.

Tonsil stones are formed inside the small crypts present in the tonsillar tissues. Tonsils act as the primary piece in the defense mechanism of our body. They can release lymphocytes as the oral cavity is exposed into any kind of infection. These lymphocytes can kill the invading virus or bacteria that come in contact with them. At the end, both the lymphocytes and the infecting organisms are killed. This process also destroys some healthy tonsillar tissue. All the three dead elements get deposited in the tonsil and start pilling up. With the action of some minerals, these mass gets calcified. Chemicals like calcium apatite and magnesium oxalate are the main salts that help in the solidification of the mass. In the larger stones, the central part goes into putrefaction and some gases are released. The main composition is methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide. These gases are the main factor causing bad breath.

Several techniques have been adopted in treatment of tonsil stone. The symptoms of acute and chronic tonsillitis can be treated with suitable antibiotic, pain killers like paracetamol and ibuprofen. The sore throat can be lessened by gurgling with warm saline, three times a day. Body pain and headache will also be cured by these pain killers. Gurgling with sugar and alcohol free mouthwash will captivate the multiplication of bacteria and is a useful treatment. Nasal drops and nasal sprays are helpful temporarily in lessening the nasal blockage, if any. But these medicines are not useful at all in treating tonsil stones. Gurgling with ginger extract and with a mixture of powdered pepper and turmeric is a great option. This will loosen up the tonsillar crypts and help in dislodging smaller tonsil stones.

Homeopathic treatment, naturaopathy and Ayurvedic system of medicines are also not effective in treating tonsil stones.

Only definitive treatment in modern system of allopathic medicine is surgical intervention. Local excision of the tonsil and removal of stone is the operation of choice. Sometimes, the affected tonsil is removed also. But this method should be restored as the last resort when other techniques fail in treating tonsil stones.

A newly found and quite successful technique is Chinese herbal therapy. Its 3-step easy herbal treatment simply cures tonsil stone from the root of the disease. The treatment gives you permanent relief from tonsil stones within 2-3 weeks time. Therefore, Chinese herbal therapy is getting popular as the day progresses.